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Phone: 416-274-8766
Address: 480 King St. W. #113, Toronto, ON, M5V 3M4
Restaurant Type: Saloon
Region: Downtown Toronto
Area: King West
Nearest Intersection: King / Spadina
Atmosphere: Saloon, Western
Features: N/A
Price: $$$$ - Moderate
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Restaurant Description

They dressed their servers in dark denim, and raw cowhide shoulder holsters, named the place Weslodge, and opened in mid-July.

They also made their modern saloon the opposite of the awful you’d expect it would be.

They made it fun and gorgeous, like a place in another, bigger city, where of course Modern Saloon is a perfectly normal restaurant aesthetic. Even the food’s surprisingly good.

The room is the thing, though: The enormous, Lamborghini-yellow doors out to King Street; the stuffed snipe and snowy owl on the stairs to the washrooms; the Hyundai-sized water-buffalo head glowering over the bar. There are dusty old portraits, strings of olde-fashioned bar lights. A sheet of glass across the back wall looks into the busy kitchen beyond.

The cocktails, with their evocative names (Chai Vieux Carré; Smoking Poncho) and lush descriptions (“Lingering campfire with bold agave flavour, smooth vanilla-walnut finish”) are available in antique, cut-crystal barware, as well as by the bottle (the Tobacco Manhattan, which is made with a house tobacco tincture, costs either $18 or $185 – your choice, big fella). There’s a chalkboard with 31 whiskies on it, available by the half or full bottle. The wine menu, like the food ones, is bound in handsome leather. “Libations,” its title says.

Blog Posts
WeslodgeThursday, September 20th, 2012
The decor at Weslodge is quite neat; the "traditional old west" meets "updated parlor saloon" theme can be found throughout the restaurant (not surprising really, it is Ink Entertainment after all and they always know how to make a statement when it comes to interior design).
by FoodJunkieChronicles
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