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Dukem Restaurant

Phone: (416) 406-6342
Address: 950 Danforth Ave., Toronto, ON, M4J 1L9
Restaurant Type: Ethiopian
Region: East Toronto
Area: Danforth / Greektown
Nearest Intersection: Danforth / Pape
Atmosphere: Friendly, family
Features: N/A
Price: $$$$ - Moderate
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Restaurant Description

Dukem Restaurant is named after a small city found south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital. The name "Dukem" is also reminiscent of holiday weekend trabels. Most families and friends stop by Dukem on the way back to Addis Ababa when the go to the resort areas of Nazareth, Sodere, Langano and Awasa.

It is with this tradition of Dukem city as a rest stop that Dukem Restaruant gas been founded i Toronto by owner Michael Kidus. For most Ethiopians, when they eat at Dukem Restaurant, they feel like thay are back home in Ethiiopia. They often see old frinds and catch up with family separated by a busy North American way of life.

Dukem provides a comforting familiar atmosphere for all who come to enjoy our traditional food. Michael had a vision of developing Canadians' taste for Ethiopian cuisine. He didn't realize that his role as a restaurant owner would inclde his engangement with the wider cultural community in Toronto..from hosting events for athletes and artists to supporting lunch programs for Ethiopian orphans, it comes naturally to Michael. The name "Dukem" truly encompasses this haven where comfort, hospitality and good food come together.

Blog Posts
Ethiopian cuisine at Dukem RestaurantWednesday, May 11th, 2011
Ethiopian is one of my favourite cuisines and Iíve cooked Ethiopian dishes at home with relative ease. Iíve had Ethiopian food at many different places in Toronto and abroad, but my favourite by far is Dukem Restaurant.
by If Looks Could Fill
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