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Arcadian Court

Phone: (416) 861-6611
Address: 8th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5H 2Y4
Restaurant Type: Contemporary / Eclectic
Region: Downtown Toronto
Area: Financial District
Nearest Intersection: Bay / Queen
Atmosphere: Fine Dining
Features: Weddings, events, fine dining
Price: $$$$ - High-End
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Restaurant Description

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto in the Bay, Queen Street, the Arcadian Court opened on March 11, 1929 as part of the latest building extension to Simpsons Queen Street store. Art Deco was the governing design influence on this period of renovations and additions to the store, and the two storey arcade on the 8th floor was no exception. Wrought iron railings, large arched windows, plush carpeting and huge chandeliers hanging from forty foot ceilings all served to enhance a majestic space decorated in pastel colours of turquoise and beige.

The restaurant has been renovated several times: once in the early fifties, then in 1968-1969, when the mezzanine was re-named the Men's Grill, and again in the late 1980s, when it was "restored to its original Art Deco grandeur". Today's Court, with its neutral decor, marble floor, palm trees and pianist remains a great lunchtime favourite.

Mornings and evenings find the Court reserved for private functions, meetings and special events. With the Galleria as a separate reception area overlooking the main two-storey ballroom, the Arcadian Court is a perfect venue for social events, conferences and weddings. In fact, weddings are a specialty and on-site wedding services are available.

For 80 years the Arcadian Court has been making special events in Toronto that much more special. It is a living link to the days when department stores were much more than a simple shopping experience.

Blog Posts
Arcadian Court (Winterlicious)Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
Arcadian Court is on the 8th floor of The Bay at Yonge & Queen. I didn't know a restaurant existed at The Bay before this, but a friend of mine told me that he has been to Arcadian Court for a wedding reception. When I got out of elevator, what I saw was this enormous grand hall with booths on the sides and tables in the middle.
by FoodJunkieChronicles
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