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Restaurant Info

Acadia Restaurant

Phone: (416) 792-6002
Address: 50 Clinton St., Toronto, ON,
Restaurant Type: Fusion, American, Canadian
Region: Downtown Toronto
Area: College Street / Little Italy
Nearest Intersection: College / Bathurst
Atmosphere: Southern Hospitality
Features: N/A
Price: $$$$ - Upscale
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Restaurant Description

Acadia Restaurant & Bar invites you to indulge in a culture of creaky porches, lazy ceiling fans, southern food, inspired brews and craft cocktails.

Enjoy dishes by Chef Matt Blondin, as he works the flavors and techniques of Acadian and Lowcountry cuisine utilizing hand selected, sustainable agriculture.

Blondin, 28, has never been south of Chicago. He’s done most of his cooking in such envelope-pushing Toronto restaurants as Colborne Lane, where he helped execute Claudio Aprile’s molecular gastronomy tasting menus.

The apple foam doesn’t fall far from the tree. Blondin bends low over each plate in the open kitchen of Acadia, ensuring the chlorophyll squiggles and whipped buttermilk garnishes are just so. It’s el Bulli by way of the Charleston Junior League cookbook.

Yet the high-concept blend of southern coastal cooking — Blondin covers South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana and even Acadian Maritime cooking — is as delightful as it is unexpected.

Blondin took to the vernacular of pickled watermelon rinds and pimento cheese like a Bluetick Coonhound to the scent, learning to make his own andouille sausage and sourcing his yellow pencil Cobb grits from South Carolina’s Anson Mills.

He pairs crisp chicken crackling with wobbly sea scallops ($14), and pours a respectable Gulf prawn étouffée over firm red grouper ($23). His cornbread ($6) — baked in a miniature cast-iron skillet and served warm, with whipped brown-butter sweet potatoes — is a thing of beauty.

And if that doesn’t convince you, one rich forkful of Acadia’s grits and shrimp ($13) will.

Blondin elevates the Lowcountry classic considerably beyond homey with a postmodern glass bowl and chervil garnish. The grits are beautifully textured — creamy yet slightly chewy, with snap from lightly poached shrimp — and innovatively flavoured with delicate smoked pork hock consommé and a hit of pimento cheese (chili-flecked aged cheddar and Monterey Jack).

Our classic philosophy paired with modern execution creates a dynamic sense of place, while summing up the warmth and soul of regional southern cookery.

Blog Posts
Acadia's 7-Course Tasting MenuWednesday, March 21st, 2012
Acadia never disappoints. Even with a 7-course tasting at $39 per person, chef Blondin and his team delivered quality ingredients with the same flawless execution and attention to detail as always.
by FoodJunkieChronicles
Warm atmoshpere on a cold October nightTuesday, November 1st, 2011
When we first arrived at Acadia on a cold night on October I was charmed by its warm atmosphere and the open kitchen which allows you to watch as your food is prepared and meticulously plated. The bar spotlighted a skilled bartender mixing up craft cocktails involving foreign-looking contraptions and even more foreign-sounding ingredients.
by If Looks Could Fill
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Sunday - 5:30PM - 11PM
Monday - 5:30PM - 11PM
Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednesday - 5:30PM - 11PM
Thursday - 5:30PM - 11PM
Friday - 5:30PM - 11PM
Saturday - 5:30PM - 11PM
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