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Marketing experts for the dining industry

Graph With thousands of visitors every month specifically looking for dining and entertainment options in the Greater Toronto Area, RestaurantGuideBook.com has become Toronto's smartest restaurant marketing option.
Our users fall in the emerging online market of young professionals relying on the internet for their local information.

Online search is the primary tool most people rely on to do everyday research, Nielsen//NetRatings. An estimated 16.8 million adult Canadians, or 68%, use the Internet for more everyday research than any other medium, Statistics Canada. This is especially true when it comes to dining and entertainment needs, which is why RestaurantGuideBook.com has thousands of visitors every month. Advertising with us means more visibility for your products, services, and brand.

If you are a restaurant operator or business owner and you do not already have an online presence, you need to immediately start learning more about the world of Internet marketing. This is so important because if your competitors are marketing online, you may find they are gaining a steady advantage and are becoming more appealing to potential clientele. Before too many of your potential customers become loyal customers of the competition, it is time to start figuring out how you can market your business online and keep up with the competition.

With over 7000 Toronto area restaurants in our database your restaurant may already have a basic listing on our site, but with a featured listing your business will get access to additional features and be displayed more prominently in search results and in other ares on our site.

Every time a visitor views our homepage five restaurants are chosen from all the featured listings to be displayed prominently for quick and easy access directly to that restaurants details page. This gives your restaurant a chance to be seen by every user that visits our site even before they start browsing the main listings.

With a featured listing your restaurant will be displayed at the top of any category or search results page it is included in. Your listing will also be highlighted with a background colour and a 'featured listing' label to make it further stand out from the other listings and attract the attention of potential customers.

With a featured listing you can add additional information to the details page for your restaurant including;
  • types of food you serve
  • the atmosphere of your restuarant
  • any special features you want to highlight
  • detailed operating hours
  • an expanded description of your restaurant

With a featured listing you can add up to 10 images of your restaurant to be displayed on your restaurant details page to give visitors a more detailed look at things like the interior of your restaurant, images of some of your food items, images of your menus, etc...

Make your advertising dollars go further and reach thousands of potential customers each month. Featured listings are available now for a low monthly subscription of $5 per month or yearly for $50 per year. At our advertising rates your Return on Investment for your advertising budget is substantially higher than any other media outlet.
To inquire about purchasing a featured listing on RestaurantGuideBook.com, or with any other questions you might have, please contact us via email at info@restaurantguidebook.com. Please include the name and contact info for your establishment in the email inquiry.

After signing up for either a monthly or yearly subscription you will recieve an email from one of our customer service representatives with instructions for setting up your account.